Why your kitchen is the first renovation you should start

For many people, bathroom remodel phoenix is the ideal facelift they can give to their home. However, when considering renovating your home, there is one place to turn to first; your kitchen. The kitchen should be the first place you look to for renovations unless you are facing a home emergency like a broken water boiler or the need to replace a roof. There are many reasons that you should start your home repairs and renovations with your kitchen which will be the focus of this article.


The main reason your kitchen is so important to have fixed is the impact that it has on your home resale value. More than any other part of your home how modern and updated your kitchen is. Buyers are willing to pay a premium on the house for a new and updated kitchen and this is the main driver of a home’s ultimate cost, other than location and school district. This makes a renovated kitchen an important investment if you are looking to sell your home now or at a future date.

Most people use their kitchen regularly and many times a day. Having an renovated kitchen will provide you with the ability to gain some functionality in the same course of business. Three are many modern touches you can put on a kitchen such as quartz or marble counter tops and modern appliances that can even be smart oriented. These provide numerous benefits for a home owner and can add to the overall value of the home. But the point is that more than any of the other rooms that are present in your house, renovating your kitchen makes your home better on a daily basis, and three is little that can be added to that.

Modern kitchen items are both efficient from an energy perspective and provide good options for recycling and integrating conservation into your daily life. Modern appliances are less energy wasteful and ovens and stoves have many safety features built in.

kitchen design

The benefit of this can’t be overemphasized. Upgrading to a modern kitchen allows you to accomplish the safety and green benefits and directing your budget to a kitchen renovation can save you some of your monthly costs, which should be considered when looking at different renovations you should consider.

The biggest budget saver may be the restaurant costs being replaced with home made food as you enjoy using your kitchen and eating in. It may even allow you to eat healthier as a result.

Ultimately, the choice of what you choose to renovate in your home is your decision. There are any number of things that you may be deciding on and budget, importance, safety, and home cost can all impact what you choose to renovate first, but the decision to renovate a kitchen is usually a smart decision and there is a good reason why they are so commonly updated. As such, it should come into consideration for every home renovation you should do and if you are a new homeowner then you should consider it as well.